Guatemala, Heart of the Mayan world, is an alive, magical, mystic, and ancestral country. Its history dates from four thousand years ago when the Mayan civilization emerged, and whose legacy is still evident in the traditions and culture of its habitants.Guatemala counts with many natural resources, an extraordinary cultural richness as well as a privileged geographic location. The distances from place to place are so short that you can visit different regions during the same trip. Between its past and present, it is a unique country, full of adventure and diverse activities for every
visitor. Guatemala is known as the country of the eternal spring, its fair weather allows you to visit it in any time of the year. It also offers various accesses from any part of the world by its two international airports: La Aurora, located in the city and Mundo Maya, located in Petén.

The colorful handicraft markets and regional costumes, the hospitality, and the beauty of the landscapes that frame the volcanoes, lakes, rivers, and mountains make Guatemala a place to be kept in the visitors` heart. Not to mention that the natural, cultural and historic heritage is evident in every corner of the country. Guatemala holds most of the archeological sites of the Mayan culture, which are surrounded by, and impressive flora and fauna, and are considered true lungs of the humanity. The magic and mystery of the Mayan world subsist in millenary cities like Tikal, Yaxhá, Aguateca, Mirador, Quiriguá, and Q´uma´rkaj among others.

Guatemala is a country for visitors with all kinds of tourist expectations. They may enjoy traditions that have endured from generation to generation through the oral tradition. Some of such traditions are the dance, music, and indigenous valuable art. Holy Week is one of the most relevant, cultural, and religious manifestations for its deep religious syncretism. Moreover, the Palo Volador, the Horseback riding race in Todos Santos Cuchumatán, the kites of Santiago Sacatepéquez (huge kites that are elevated with messages for the ancestors), every November the
1st, and the Cofradías (brotherhoods) are only some of the manifestations of the cultural richness of the country.